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3 New Overland (Adaptec) Snap Server Product Pages Launched

posted by Darren McLaws @ 11:22 AM
Tuesday, May 19, 2009

We know it may seem like we’re over doing it with all the updates on the Overland (Adaptec) Snap Server stuff. It seems like that’s all we have been writing about for the past few weeks now. Furthermore, we have only written three posts in three weeks so it also may feel like we have been slacking off in our blog writing. We assure you there is a good reason for this. The reason is that we have been spending the majority of our time building up our new product pages for our Overland (Adaptec) Snap Server product line.

Just today our web developers finished three more product pages for the Snap Server 520, the Snap Server 620, and Overland’s newest in this line the Snap Server 650. Soon to come will be two new product pages for the Overland Snap Expansion S50 and the Overland SnapGuardianOS operating system derived from Linux.

For each of these new pages, these are obviously the first drafts so we invite you to take a look and read through them. We accept the fact that there may be mistakes, typos, or inconsistencies. For this reason, we encourage your feedback and opinions on how we can better optimize these and any of our product pages to provide our customers with the most accurate and important information regarding our products and services. And, as always, if you’d like more information than you see here about our Snape Servers you need only fill out the request quote form to the right or on the linked page.

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