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Full Service Storage System- DATABEAST

DATABeast™ is a complete fibre-channel SAN (Storage Area Network) storage system scalable from a few terabytes to several petabytes. DATABeast provides all the storage services necessary to manage and safeguard data; these include replication, thin provisioning, snapshots, virtualization, mirroring and more. It executes the same functions in a fibre channel system that the Nexsan iSeries does for iSCSI systems, incorporating large amounts of storage into a single, high-density, energy saving and easily managed solution capable of expanding economically.

DATABeast integrates with Nexsan’s other storage systems, and like all Nexsan products offers the energy-saving advantage of AutoMAID technology to considerably reduce power and cooling costs. DataBeast supplies all necessary storage, software, and hardware in a pre-assembled and pre-configured solution, including redundant components installed and cabled. DATABeast can store up to 1PB of data in a normal 42U rack, and is scalable up to 6PB in a single system–delivered at a much lower cost when compared with other competitive solutions.

Like all Nexsan solutions, DATABeast is designed for enterprise-class applications, offering tier-1 full redundancy and high performance for tier-2 prices. It’s simple to install and use. And DATABeast includes innovations that deliver a solution that is space efficient, dense, and cost-effective all while providing valuable energy savings.

Key Benefits

  • Combines high-performance SSD, SAS with cost-effective SATA
  • Scalable capacity to several petabytes without disruption
  • Supplies block and optional file services within one solution
  • Simplifies storage management
  • AutoMAID level 3 technology conserves energy consumption by 60%
  • Safeguards data with built-in mirroring, remote replication as well as snapshots
  • Thin provisioning optimizes efficiency while eliminating manual volume expansion


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