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3480 Tape Drives

Purchase 3480 tape drives. Fill out our Request Quote form for prices and additional information on 3480 tape drives.

CPU has sold 3480 technology for over 15 years to companies around the world. We continue to sell and support these drives worldwide. We offer spare parts, maintenance and service for these drives. We will also rent these drives if this requirement is needed.

Protecting your company’s valuable data is serious business. That is why we offer customers a vast line of 3480-compatible tape solutions to choose from. Our two featured products are the Overland Data and Fujitsu 3480 tape drives. We can’t always list everything, so if you don’t see something here just give us a call–we’ve probably got it!

Any 3480 tape drive purchased from us comes with our iron-clad guarantee of
unlimited 1-800 technical support for the life of the product.

MP Tapes 3480 Tape Drives
Fujitsu 3480 Tape Drives
MP Tapes 3480
Fujitsu 3480
The MP-8418 by MP Tapes reads
and writes tape formats compatible with the IBM 3480 tape drives.
Mathematical analysis of all mechanical components resulted
in the lowest number of components of any 3480 and 3490 compatible
drive on the market.

The M2483B and M2485B drives, with
2-megabyte buffers, can attain a continuous stream of data input/output
that offers a sustained data transfer rate of 3 megabytes per

Full 3480 Product List
DEC TKZ60, TKZ61, TKZ62, TKZ64 3480/3490
Cipher T480 3480 Tape Drives SCSI Rackable Top w/ACL
Fujitsu M1016B SCSI Tape Controller
Fujitsu M1016BD SCSI – DIFF Tape Controller
Fujitsu M1017BD SCSI – DIFF Tape Controller
Fujitsu M2481 3480 1.5MB/S
Fujitsu M2481 A11 Auto Cartridge Loader
Fujitsu M2483B /
3480 Rackmount & Desktop
MP Tapes
MP Tapes 8418 600MB Capacity w/compression
Overland Data
Overland Data Tape Express L490 18 Track w/10 Cartridge Autoloader
Storagetek STC 4220 Single Drive Unit – SCSI
Storagetek STC 4280 Single Drive Unit – SCSI
Storagetek STC 4280 Single Drive Unit- SCSI w/ICRC Compression
Storagetek STC 4288 Single Drive Unit – SCSI – FIPS (IBM)
Tandem 5190ACL 18 Track Tape Cartridge Subsystem, ACL equipped
Tandem 5190 18 Track Tape Cartridge Subsystem, CRU Only
Tandem 5191ACL 18 Track Tape Cartridge Subsystem, ACL equipped
CRU, Packaged in MSS Module
Tandem 5191 18 Track Tape Cartridge Subsystem, CRU Only,
Packaged in MSS Module
CTS9840 3480 / 3490E SCSI/FC 20/80 GB
3480/3490/3490E – Read/Write Compatibility Chart
18-Track 18-Track
Read Write Read Write Read Write
M2481B .. .
M2483B / M2485B . .
M2483H / M2485H . .
M2483K / M2485K . .
M2488C . .
M2488E .
. .
T490 .
T490E .
. .
MP8418 .
MP8436 .
. .
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