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MP 8436 Tape Drive

The MP-8436 by MP Tapes reads and writes tape formats compatible with the IBM 3480, 3490, and 3490E

The most advanced tools available were used for the design of the 8400 series tape drives. Mathematical analysis of all mechanical components resulted in the lowest number of components of any 3480, 3490, and 3490E compatible drive on the market. This means a product that is smaller, lighter, quieter, and more reliable than other taped drives… without sacrificing performance. Get faster, quieter data exchange between PCs, mainframes, and open systems.The MP 8400 series has been tested with the following systems:

  • IBM RS/6000
  • IBM AS/400 (emulate 9348 on LMS 3490E)
  • HP 9000 (HP-UX)
  • HP 72 Workstation
  • SUN
  • SUN SparcStation 5
  • Solbourne
  • Tandem (with parallel-SCSI fiber converter)
  • PC (with various Adaptec SCSI controller
Available Accessories
. .
MP 8400 Rackmount MP 8400 Autoloader
Technical Specifications
Capacity  800 MB per
(w/3:1 compression)
Transfer Rate 3 MB/sec
Transfer Rate (w/compression) 4.5 MB/sec (9 MB/sec
Data Buffer 2 MB (4 MB optional)
Interface  SCSI fast/wide
Interface Burst Rate 20 MB/sec
Size (desktop) 11 in. Wide x 14.8 in.
Deep x 6.9 in. High
279mm Wide x 376mm Deep x 175mm High
Weight 23 lbs or 10.5 Kg
Power Requirement 90 – 260 VAC, 80W
Emulation IBM 7208-012/3490E-EXX
Warranty  18 months return-to-factory
(on-site optional)
Enclosure Desktop Standard
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