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Fujitsu M8100 Tape Drive

Fujitsu M8100 Tape Drives
Fujitsu M8100

The M8100, Fujitsu’s 128-track 3590 series 1/2 inch cartridge tape drive is a new generation tape drive to meet the critical mission data environment needs for high speed, large capacity and full compatibility with IBM 3590 Magstar.

The M8100 128 track drives transfer rate (13.5MB/s Native) will be 4.5 MB/s faster than IBM 3590 Magstar (9.0 MB/s Native). In addition, the M8100 boasts a Mean-Time-Between-Failure (MTBF) rating of 100,000 hours, among the highest quality in the industry, and is covered by a two year warranty.

Fujitsu M8100 Product Sheet – 46K PDF

M8100 3590 series 128-Track Drive Specifications
IBM 3590 Compatible Mode
Tracks Total tracks: 128
Read Write tracks: 16 (4 serpentine)
Capacity / Media 10 GB
Media Type 3590
Max Length of Media 2200 feet
Bit Density 86,360 bpi
Data Compression 3:1
Streaming Speed 3 M/s
Search/Rewind Speed 6 M/s
Interface SCSI -2/Ultra SCSI
Transfer Rate:

Sustained (MB/sec):
Burst (MB/sec):
Automatic Cartridge Loading Feature
Number of Cartridges 5/10 7
Native Capacity
(IBM 3590 Compatible Mode)
100 GB
(at 10 cartridges)
70 GB
H x W x D 5 x 8.5 x 19.7 (in)
127 x 217 x 600 (mm)
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