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M4 Data 9914 9-Track Tape Drive

m4_data_9914_tape_drive.The M4 Data 9914 9-track tape drive features easy tape autoloading– it’s as simple as inserting the tape and closing the front door!

The front panel alphanumeric display of the M4 Data 9914 offers status and operational information in the user’s choice of languages (English, French, Spanish, German or Dutch). Easily-configurable emulators allow attachment to all popular host platforms.

M4 Data 9914 Tape Drive Specifications
Media 1/2 in tape; All reel sizes; Auto-loading


125 ips
Density 800 (NRZ)
1600 (PE)
3200 (DPE)
6250 (GCR)
Transfer Rate 781 KB/sec.
Interface Options
Cipher/Pertec: With optional 1 MB cache and up to 1.2 MB/second data rate
Standard SCSI: 2 MB/sec. asynchronous; Single-ended or differential, 512-K buffer; Full arbitration, disconnect/reconnect; Command set includes copy, write/read buffer, send/receive diagnostics
Optional Super SCSI: Same as Standard SCSI but with up to 2 MB buffer; FAST SCSI implementation: 10 MB sec. synchronous 7 MB sec. asynchronous
Size 8.7"H x 17.5"W x 23"
Available with stand-alone desktop enclosure or rack-mount.
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