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3490E Tape Drives

Purchase 3490E tape drives. Fill out our Request Quote form for prices and additional information on 3490E tape drives.

CPU sells new and reconditioned 3480/3490/3490E tape solutions from a number of leading manufactures. Our featured products are the IBM 3490E , Fujitsu 3490E , MP 3490E, and the Overland Data 3490E cartridge tape drives. We also sell several other manufactures products. Some of these 3490E tape drives are listed below. We've also provided a Read/Write Specifications Chart at the bottom of the page to help demystify the read/write capabilities of the various 3490E tape drive models.
Any 3490E tape drive come with our iron-clad guaranteed of free unlimited 1-800 technical support for the life of your product .
We also provide repair. maintenance and refurbishing services for all types of 3490E tape drives!
  MP Tapes 3490E IBM 3490E Fujitsu 3490E  
  MP Tapes 3480 MP Tapes 3480
Fujitsu 3480
  The MP-8436 by MP Tapes reads and writes tape formats compatible with the IBM 3480, 3490, and 3490E. The most advanced tools available were used for the design of the 8400 series tape drives… The IBM 3490 Enhanced Capability (3490E) F Models are designed to provide outstanding tape subsystem performance, high cartridge capacity, high reliability, and operational efficiency while facilitating remote tape operations. The M2488E/EA/EF tape drives read and write 36 track tapes in IBM compatible format. The M2488E has virtually the same features as the M2488C drive, but has the added benefit of 36-track read capability.  
Full 3490 Product List
DEC TKZ60, TKZ61, TKZ62, TKZ64 3480/3490/3490E
Fujitsu M2483K/N M2485K/N 3490E Rackmount
Fujitsu M2488C 3490E Desktop
Fujitsu M2488E 3490E Desktop
IBM 3490E-F00 3490E Table Top Single Feed          
IBM 3490E-F01 3490E Table Top 10 cartrdige Autoloader
IBM 3490E-F11 3490E Rackmount 10 Cartridge Autoloader
IBM 3490E-F1A 3490E for the IBM 3494 library
Overland Media
Overland Data Tape Express L490E 3490E Autoloader, 10 Cartridge
Overland Data Tape Express T490E 3490E
Phillips TD3610 3490E Tape Drives
Phillips TD3620 3490E Tape Drives, 7 Cartridge
M4 Data
M4 Data M490E 3480 / 3490 / 3490E
MP Tapes
MP Tapes 8436 3480 / 3490 / 3490E
MP Tapes 8436F 3480 / 3490 / 3490E
Tandem 5194 36-Track Tape Cartridge Subsystem, CRU only
Tandem 5196 36-Track Tape Cartridge Subsystem, CRU only, Packaged in MSS
3480/3490/3490E – Read/Write Compatibility Chart
  18-Track 18-Track (compressed) 36-Track
  Read Write Read Write Read Write
M2481B .. .        
M2483B / M2485B . .        
M2483H / M2485H . .
M2483K / M2485K .   .  
M2488C .   .  
M2488E .
. .
T490 .
T490E .
. .
MP8418 .
MP8436 .
. .
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