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Fujitsu M2488E Tape Drive

Fujitsu M2488E Tape Drives

The M2488E is a half inch cartridge tape drive with 3480 and 3490 compatibility that reads and writes all 34XX densities. The M2488E offers leading mainframe technology for data interchange and backup to workstations and other advanced computer platforms.

. Fujitsu M2488E Product Sheet – 245K PDF


  • Full IBM read compatibility (18-Track)
  • Full IBM read/write compatibility (36-Track)
  • Industry accepted 18-track write feature
  • High level of data checking throughout
  • Integrated power supply
  • Downloadable firmware via cartridge, SCSI interface, or RS/232 interface (9-pin DB-9 connector)
  • Seismic Data Feature (optional)
Fujitsu M2488E
3480, 3490 series 18, 36-Track Tape Drives
Data transfer rate
20 Mb/s max. (asynchronous mode)
10 Mb/s max. (synchronous mode)
Drive / Controller
3.0 MB/s (sustained – uncompressed)
9.0 MB/s (sustained – 3:1 compression)
Host Interface ANSI Standard SCSI-2
(ANSI X3.133.131-1994)
Data buffer capacity 2 MB (Protected by CRC)
Tape speed Nominal: 2.0 m/s (78.6 IPS)
Search Mode: 4 m/s (157.2 IPS)
Recording density 75,742 bpi
Recording capacity *1 1.2 GB with 545 feet (single) length tape and EDRC
2.4 GB with 1100 feet (double) length tape and EDRC
Recording method 36-Track DD-NRZI (18-track Serpentine)
Number of tracks 18 (IBM read compatibility)
18 (industry accepted write feature)
36 (read/write)
Load/unload time 13 sec. (typical)
Rewind time (typical) 55 sec. (typical) single length tape
100 sec. (typical) double length tape
1 This is not the minimum guaranteed value but the standard recording capacity based on average compression rate. The recording capacity depends on the tape length and tape quality (1 MB = 1 x 106 bytes).
M2488E Physical Specifications
Drive ACL 10 Cart Mag
Height 5 in (127mm) 5 in (127mm) 15.3 in (388mm)
Width 8.5 in (217mm) 8.5 in (217mm) 5 in (128mm)
Depth 15.74 in (400mm) 8.9 in (226mm) 5.5 in (139mm)
Weight 12 kg (26.5 lb. ) Max 5.1 kg (11.2 lb.) Max
Mean Time to Repair Less than 30 min
Mean Time Between Failures 50,000 hours
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