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9-Track Tape Drives

The following 9-track tape drives are in stock and ready to ship! For the latest pricing, please call us toll free at 800-278-3480. International customers can give us a call at 480-827-1270. You may also fill out the “quick quote” request form if you would prefer a quote via e-mail.

Featured 9-Track Products

M4 Data 9906 

One of the industry’s lowest-profile 9-track drives! The M4 Data 9906 is the perfect choice for desktop applications requiring data interchange with mid-range and mainframe systems.

Full Product Specifications

M4 Data 9914 

The M4 Data 9914’s low-profile 9-track design is only 8.7 inches heigh when mounted in a 19-inch rack. These drives are also available with a full wrap-around enclosure for use as a free-standing desk-top unit, which is sufficiently quiet for office use.
Full Product Specifications

HP 88780A/B, 7980S or SX 

The HP 88780 front-loading 9-track tape drives offer outstanding reliability, low maintenance and board-level diagnostics to minimize service requirements.
Full Product Specifications

Qualstar 3404, 3412, 3414, 3418 

Qualstar brings the power and reliability of 9-track tape drives to personal computers, work-stations, and midrange systems providing easy interchange of ANSI or IBM format mainframe data.
Full Product Specifications

Full 9-Track Product List
Cipher F-880 Pertec
Cipher F-880 – II Tandem Pertec
Cipher F-890-I Pertec
Cipher F-890-II Pertec
Cipher F-891-I Pertec
Cipher F-891-II Pertec
Cipher M990 Pertec
Cipher M990-S SCSI
Cipher M995-C Pertec
Cipher M995S SCSI
Hewlett Packard
HP 88780A Pertec
HP 88780B Pertec
HP 88780B SCSI
Kennedy 9600 SCSI
Kennedy 9600A SCSI
Kennedy 9610 Pertec
Kennedy 9662 Pertec, table-top model
M4 Data
M4 Data 9906 Pertec or SCSI-2
M4 Data 9914 SCSI
Overland Data
Overland Data 5622  
Qualstar 3404 Pertec
Qualstar 3404S SCSI-2 Single Ended
Qualstar 3404SD SCSI-2 Differential
Qualstar 3412 Pertec
Qualstar 3412S SCSI-2 Single Ended
Qualstar 3412SD SCSI-2 Differential
Qualstar 3414 Pertec
Qualstar 3414S SCSI-2 Single Ended
Qualstar 3414SD SCSI-2 Differential
Qualstar 3418 Pertec
Qualstar 3418S SCSI-2 Single Ended
Qualstar 3418SD SCSI-2 Differential
Tandem 5160  
Tandem 5161  
Tandem 5171  
Tandem 5172  
Tandem 5175  
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