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Fujitsu M2485K/N Tape Drive

M2483K/N, KD/ND: Rackmount 36-track
M2485K/N, KD/ND: Desktop 36-track

Both of these drives are half-inch cartridge tape drives. The M2483K/N & M2485K/N read 3480/3490/3490e and write 3490e, offering leading mainframe technology for data interchange and backup for MS-DOS, Windows, Mac, Unix, IBM AS400, RS6000 and other advanced computer platforms.

Both 36-track tape drives come with an embedded SCSI-2 interface controller, providing easy system integration. These drives offer a data transfer rate of up to 3.0 megabytes per second. Built at Fujitsu’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, the M2483K/N and M2485K/N offer superior performance, compatibility and reliability for production-level data interchange and backup.

Small Size for Easy Installation
The M2483K/N tape drive has an embedded SCSI-2 interfacecontroller, reducing the subsystem’s size to 127 mm high, 217 mmwide and 380 mm deep (5 inches high, 8.5 inches wide and 14.9 inches deep), significantly smaller than most 36-track tape drives.

The M2485K/N’s eight-inch form factor allows easy, space-saving integration into industry-standard 19-inch racks. The completely self-contained M2485K/N tape drives have a small footprint of only 222 mm by 650 mm (8.7 inches by 25.6 inches, with automatic cartridge loader), and is well suited for a convenient desktop configuration.

High Performance And Reliability
The M2483K/N and M2485K/N, with 2 megabyte buffers can attain a continuous stream of data input/output which offers a sustained data transfer rate of 3.0 megabytes per second and a burst rate of 4.0 megabytes per second in the synchronous mode.

With an automatic cartridge loader, the M2483K/N and M2485K/N support both five and ten-cartridge magazines for more than 20 gigabytes of storage capacity per magazine.

Fujitsu’s advanced LSI technology has resulted in a streamlined design and simplified tape path, contributing to their high reliability. In fact, the mean time between failure (MTBF) rating of these drives is more than 30,000 hours, among the highest in the 36-track tape drive class.

M2483K/N (rack)
M2485K/N (desk)
M2483KD/ND (rack)
M2485KD/ND (desk)
Number of MTC 1
Number of MTU 1
Host Interface Interface SCSI-2
Type Single-ended Differential
Data Transfer Rate 4.0 MB/s Max (synchronous mode)
Number of Data Recording Tracks 36
Recording Method GCR (DD NRZI 18Tr)
Data Recording Density 75,742 bpi
Recording Capacity1 2.4 GB (with double length tape)
IBG Length 2 mm (0.079 inch)
Tape Speed 2.0 m/s
MTC-MTU Data Transfer Rate 3.0 MB/s
Load Time 13 seconds (typical)
Unload Time (from BOT) 13 seconds (typical)
Rewind time (from BOT to EOT) 65 seconds (typical)
120 seconds
(typical-with double length tape)
Access Time 110 ms (typical)
Positioning Time 370 ms (typical)
Loading Method Automatic Loading
K/N Type: Single-Ended SCSI
KD/ND Type: Differential SCSI
This is not the minimum guaranteed value but the standard recording capacity based on average compression rate. The recording capacity depends on the tape length and tape quality (1 MB = 1 x 106 bytes).
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