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Nexsan E60
Nexsan E60

Ultimate Density, Highest Performance Storage System

The Nexsan E60 is a next generation ultimate-density and energy-efficient storage system, raising the bar over previous generations by providing a storage solution that accommodates 60 disks. Providing 180TBs in only 4U and, with Nexsan’s AutoMaid level 4 technology, reduces energy consumption by up to 85% – constituting the most energy-efficient, enterprise-class storage array on the market.

The E60 houses four 8Gbit Fibre Channel ports, expandable if need be to in the future add a second IO card, and two 1Gbit iSCSI ports which deliver higher bandwidth and connectivity. The E60 seamlessly mixes SATA, SAS, and SSD drives allowing IT administrators a high degree of flexibility, and its cutting edge active drawer technology permits the E60 to be safely serviced by one individual while remaining in full production – a substantial improvement over competitive systems which often require several people to change a single disk or fan.

As with all Nexsan products, the E60 is designed for enterprise-classapplications, implementing tier-1 full redundancy and high performance delivered with tier- 2 prices. It’s very simple to install and use. The E60 also includes technologies that offer a combination of cost-effective ultimate density, space efficiency and Nexsan’s AutoMAID (Massive Array of Idle Disks) level 4 energy-saving innovation, which allows the E60 to save up to 85% in energy costs.

Key Benefits

  • 60-disk RAID array
  • 180TB capacity in 4U
  • Three active drawers make service simple
  • Incorporates SAS, SATA and SSD disks within the same system
  • Anti-vibration configuration augments disk reliability
  • AutoMAID level 4 reduces energy usage by 85%
  • Horizontal mid-plane amplify airflow and cooling
  • Future Proof architecture allows for upgrading IO port types
  • Expandable system allows up to 60 additional disks with Nexsan E60X
  • Optional 10Gbit iSCSI available in lieu of  8Gb Fibre Channel ports

Download E-Series Product Brochure for detailed specifications

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