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Dense, Fixed Capacity Storage System

Nexsan’s SATABoy® storage systems are ideally suited for medium-sized companies and as mid-tier solutions in large organizations. With its storage density of 28TB in 14 drive bays, SATABoy’s diminutive 3U footprint is designed for primary and secondary storage systems, along with long-term bulk and backup functions. SATABoy is Nexsan’s ultimate compact storage array, where cost-effective high capacity is important–yet IT managers don’t need the greater scalability and capacity provided by Nexsan’s larger SATABeast.

By utilizing SATA drives, SATABoy is more cost-efficient than storage solutions using the customarily more expensive SCSI, SAS and fibre-channel drives. Utilizing this combination of  capacity and cost-efficiency, SATABoy employs the industry’s leading price/performance value in a compact disk system.

Like all Nexsan solutions, SATABoy is designed for enterprise-class applications, allowing tier-1 full redundancy and performance delivered at tier-2 prices. It’s simple to install and use. And SATABoy includes innovations that offer a solution of cost-effective high density, space savings and Nexsan’s AutoMAID(Massive Array of Idle Disks) level 3 energy-saving technology, that allows SATABoy to save as much as 60% in energy costs.

Key Benefits

    • 14-drive SATA RAID solution
    • 28TB with 2TB drives in just 3U
    • AutoMAID level 3 innovation saves up to 60% in energy costs
    • Includes FC as well as iSCSI interfaces
    • Utilizes SAS, SATA and SSD disks in the same solution
    • Available with single or dual redundant controllers
    • Up to 2GB BBU cache
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